Sports Betting Systems - Should You Use One?

If you're anything like me then you like to wager a bit on sporting events. I'm probably more of a degenerate gambler than most in the fact that I will bet on just about anything with just about anybody. However I also do my best to keep informed by at the very least watching sports center on a religious basis. Which is actually pretty easy because it's generally on 24/7 in all casino's that I play poker in.

I guess what you could say is that when it comes to sports I'm at the very least in the know & probably have a bit of an edge over your average Joe. When it comes to betting with the books be them local or offshore though, they generally know the same things that I do BUT they have a major problem that I don't have.

The books have to set a sports betting line to try to even out the amount of money that will be bet on each side of a single sporting event because that's how they make money. They need to think about how the betting public loves to take the favorite because that's all most people really understand is who the better team is, nobody thinks about HOW MUCH BETTER a team is than another team. Most of the public also doesn't think about home field advantage or other information that factors in to how a team plays. This is where you do your cherry picking when it comes to handicapping.

Now think about trying to make those kind of picks, you're basically trying to take advantage of people who do this for a living. The bread on their table is there because they are good at what they do which is setting a line. Their only weakness is that they have to compensate for what the "sharps" (bettors in the know) and the "public" (casual weak bettors) are going to bet. So when they make their lines there's generally some value if you know what you're doing & knowing what you're doing is what betting systems help you do!

With that said just stop and think for a few seconds about what you've known about any of the sporting events that you've ever placed a bet on. Have you ever missed out on some injury news, maybe a last minute trade, a star player hasn't been playing like a star for the past 3 games? If you answered yes to any of those questions or thought of something else that you missed out on and it cost you money, well then you aren't taking your betting all that serious then are you?

Therefore if you don't take your betting serious and have no desire to because you don't care if you win or you lose then betting systems are not for you, plain and simple. However if you want to bring yourself up to speed, understand more about the games you are wagering on & want to give yourself a greater edge over the books or whoever you bet with then betting systems are for you.